Sink-In-A-Drawer Is Space-Saving Optical Illusion

A sink-in-a-drawer is a great idea, right up to the point when you realize what a bad idea it is. Sure, you know, makeshift loft studio in lower Manhattan, no room for toilet and » 9/25/08 9:00pm 9/25/08 9:00pm sink in the bathroom—why not put it in a drawer, and slide it away when you're destined for the throne? But by now you already know the…

First Pictures of Completed Dextre Giant Space Robot

After three space walks, Dextre—the robot that will now service the International Space Station—has been completed today, and is now ready for activation. I was watching it live on NASA TV and grabbed these shots (yes, I am that sad) of this fully-assembled gigantastic space spider. To get a sense of how big it is,… » 3/18/08 8:20am 3/18/08 8:20am