Here's What a "Mysterious Chunk of Space Trash" Looks Like

Earlier this week, the internet worked itself into a frenzy over the “mysterious chunk of space trash” — actually a spent rocket fragment — that’s making an ominous but not-at-all dangerous homecoming on a Friday the 13th in November. Wonder what that terrifying cosmic garbage will look like before it burns up in… »10/29/15 9:00pm10/29/15 9:00pm

Japan Is Creating a Militarized Program To Deal With Space Junk

Last week, the world was transfixed by the story of a gecko sex satellite that Russia lost contact with after it was knocked by some space debris. Apparently, it was the wake up call we needed as a species: Japan has announced the creation of a program aimed at monitoring space debris, a military-based project that… »8/04/14 11:04am8/04/14 11:04am

How NASA's Fermi Telescope Sidestepped a Gigantic Space Crash

There's all kinds of asteroids and other debris cruising through space, but a lot of the really dangerous stuff is stuff we put there ourselves. NASA's cosmic bubble-spotting Fermi telescope almost had an intergalactic fender bender, but not with some epoch-old rock floating through the cosmos. No, it almost got… »5/02/13 11:16am5/02/13 11:16am

Japanese Space Agency Caught Piece Of Space Junk *This Big*

The problem of space junk is being dealt with in a novel way by Japanese space agency JAXA, which plans to rope up loads of the broken old stuff from the 1960s in an old-fashioned, analogue, traditional net several kilometres wide. The triple-layered metal thread net will then be burned up in the atmosphere once full,… »2/08/11 4:00am2/08/11 4:00am