This Week's Earth-Buzzing Asteroid Could Be Worth $195 Billion

The idea of mining nearby asteroids for resources we could use on Earth is fast becoming a possibility—and the asteroid set to buzz Earth on on February 15th could be worth up to $195 billion. If we could catch it. » 2/13/13 6:59am 2/13/13 6:59am

Jon Stewart Is As Excited About Mining Asteroids As We Are

It's hard to suppress your little-kid joy when a news story drops like the prospect of asteroid mining. Clearly Jon Stewart agrees; on last night's Daily Show, he sparkled with awe while covering the story at length. Highlights include an apt Armageddon reference, and a short but oh-so-sweet cameo by one Neil DeGrasse … » 4/26/12 11:44am 4/26/12 11:44am