This Spacecraft Will Hunt the Solar System for Asteroids to Mine

Many components in your phones and batteries are made with “rare Earth metals.” You know why they call them that? Because they are actually rare on Earth, and we’re going to run out. But they’re not rare in space. Which is why today a company launched the prototype for a vehicle that will search for asteroids to mine… »7/22/15 6:50pm7/22/15 6:50pm


What the far future of space mining could look like

When it's time to colonize space, we will need space miners to provide with the minerals and gases needed to build massive ships and refuel stations across the Solar System. There are serious companies already working on it—and concept designer Cuba Lee has imagined how this would look in moons, asteroids, and gas… »7/24/14 8:41pm7/24/14 8:41pm

Jon Stewart Is As Excited About Mining Asteroids As We Are

It's hard to suppress your little-kid joy when a news story drops like the prospect of asteroid mining. Clearly Jon Stewart agrees; on last night's Daily Show, he sparkled with awe while covering the story at length. Highlights include an apt Armageddon reference, and a short but oh-so-sweet cameo by one Neil… »4/26/12 11:44am4/26/12 11:44am