Man Pleads Guilty To Sending U.S. Space Info To China

In what's bound to be embarrassing for the Chinese space program, the president of high-tech company AMAC International has pleaded guilty to giving China military data about fueling systems for space launch vehicles. Shu Quan-Sheng is a Chinese native who's a naturalized U.S. citizen. The incident puts a black smear… »11/18/08 2:00am11/18/08 2:00am

Hubble Resumes Operations, Sends Back Picture of Lost Starfox 64 Level

The Hubble Telescope, which was quite nearly lost this month to a combination of old age »10/31/08 10:20am10/31/08 10:20am and a , has resumed "regular science operations" today, and sent back spectacular picture of a pair of galaxies engaging in some kind of celestial slow dance. The mission to replace the Science Instrument Command and Data…