Isola S Turns Your Closet Into a Cocktail Lounge-Themed Kitchen

Toyo Kitchen's Isola S, from its Nobody line, is my answer to remaining fashionable in the oncoming economic apocalypse. Sure, I can no longer afford a McMansion in an affluent suburb, but I can get a storage unit somewhere and host fancy, LED-lit cocktail parties with this adjustable kitchen contraption. Isola S… » 11/03/08 11:15pm 11/03/08 11:15pm

Sink-In-A-Drawer Is Space-Saving Optical Illusion

A sink-in-a-drawer is a great idea, right up to the point when you realize what a bad idea it is. Sure, you know, makeshift loft studio in lower Manhattan, no room for toilet and » 9/25/08 9:00pm 9/25/08 9:00pm sink in the bathroom—why not put it in a drawer, and slide it away when you're destined for the throne? But by now you already know the…

StairCASE's Bottom Shelves Keep Highest Books in Reach

It's no surprise that a dude who lives in a city of 18 million people would appreciate the need to conserve space. Shanghai-based artist Danny Kuo created the StairCASE, a bookcase where the shelves slide out to become a stairwell. We've seen the amalgamation of shelves and stairs » 9/16/08 10:30pm 9/16/08 10:30pm before in London, but StairCASE can…

Woon Box: A Toilet, Shower and Kitchen All-in-One

I can't say that I would be thrilled about the idea of cooking in the same space that I shower and go to the bathroom, but the idea behind the Woon Box is sound. Basically, the Dutch designers at KAW envision the Woon Box as something like an elaborate port-a-potty. It features a shower, toilet and kitchen inside a… » 8/05/08 8:00pm 8/05/08 8:00pm

Badkamer: Save Bathroom Space With Fixtures That Slide on Rails

In a dwelling where space saving is of the utmost importance, the Badkamer concept could make a tremendous difference in a small bathroom. Essentially, the design would allow users to slide their fixtures out of the way on an abacus-like rail system that doubles as plumbing. Only the toilet would have to remain… » 6/24/08 5:50pm 6/24/08 5:50pm

Keep Fugly Surge Protectors Out of Sight and Mind With Bluelounge…

We've already seen what Bluelounge can do with a minimalist gadget charging station, but today they're tackling a different office obstacle with the CableBox: cords. If you haven't gone mostly wireless yet, this is a convenient way to store them. And on a personal note, this space saver also addresses an illogical… » 6/08/08 3:00pm 6/08/08 3:00pm

Vertical Patio Transforms To Save Precious Outdoor Space

There is no doubt that the big trend right now in home design is about saving space. However, many of the designs we have seen in the past focus on the interior. The Vertical Patio from Pique Architecture takes the concept outdoors with a design that gets the most out of a small backyard using an elaborate fold away… » 4/18/08 5:55pm 4/18/08 5:55pm

Transformer Sofa Magically Morphs into Bunk Bed

If a 400-square-foot apartment sounds big to you, you may be interested in this space-saving Doc XL sofa that can transform into a bunk bed in a flash. Pull up a certain area of the sofa and thar she blows—your sofa is suddenly a pair of bunk beds, complete with a ladder that helps you climb up on top. On the next… » 7/24/07 10:40am 7/24/07 10:40am

Close Up Your Clothes with the Compact Wardrobe

If space is as a premium, take a look at designer Naomi Dean s compact wardrobe, which has a two-piece split design that telescopes into itself, saving lots of space. Pull on the handle in front and there's a drawer in the bottom, shelf space in the middle and also behind the door, and a telescoping rack on which to… » 3/23/06 5:29pm 3/23/06 5:29pm