These Are the Sad Remains of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

Russian photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs just published one of the saddest photoseries on space exploration. He managed to get inside an abandoned hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where two Burans—the prototype space shuttles of the Russian space program—are slowly decaying in their burial crypt. »6/12/15 9:45am6/12/15 9:45am

The Space Shuttle’s Military Launch Complex In California That Never Was

Everybody identifies Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center as the epicenters of America’s now defunct Space Shuttle Program. What most people don’t know is that the Shuttle almost had a second home at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the south central coast of California. »6/10/15 2:37pm6/10/15 2:37pm

This Little Girl's Reaction To A Rocket Launch Will Make Your Week

Shaylee was busy playing with her toys on the couch when footage from one of NASA's Space Shuttle launches started playing on television. Anyone who's witnessed something as awe-inspiring as human spaceflight will surely identify with her sense of wonder. All together now: ISSAWOCKETSHIIIIIIIIP! »8/23/14 7:38pm8/23/14 7:38pm

Watch the development of America's next space shuttle

In 2016, a new kind of space shuttle will rise to the skies atop an Atlas V rocket. Developed by a private company—the Sierra Nevada Corporation—it would be able to ferry seven astronauts to orbit and back. Its name is the Dream Chaser and this video shows its (spectacular) development progress so far. A fine… »1/28/14 12:42pm1/28/14 12:42pm

This Week in Time Capsules: Retired Shuttles and Moldy Baseball Cards

This week we have a school in England that filled its new capsule with the latest in tech, a casket from the Reagan administration that for some reason includes biscuits and gravy, and a public ceremony in Florida which will show off a capsule for the retired space shuttle Atlantis. And a town that hates fun. Like,… »9/06/13 4:50pm9/06/13 4:50pm