In Space, Yesterday's Coffee is Today's Coffee

Do you still wish you could be an astronaut after watching the lung-flattening launches and bone-crunching landings? Has the eyeball-oscillating gimbal failed to dampen your spirits? What if we told you that coffee, the most precious of nectars essential for civilized behaviour, will be brewed from your own pee? »9/06/15 12:40pm9/06/15 12:40pm


The Space Station Had to Change Its Orbit to Avoid Space Junk

If you've seen Gravity, you know how it goes: Even a tiny speck of paint shooting through space at 18,000 mph can be catastrophic. So when a hand-sized piece of space debris was going to fly by the International Space Station last week, the European Space Agency fired up the thrusters on a resupply ship docked at… »11/04/14 1:52pm11/04/14 1:52pm

NASA Cuts All Non-ISS Ties with Russia Over Ukraine (Updated)

In an internal memo, NASA has stated that it will suspend all interaction with the Russian government, in response to Russia's violations of Ukraine's territorial independence (Update: official statement below). Fortunately for U.S. astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson, both currently orbiting on the… »4/02/14 2:25pm4/02/14 2:25pm

16 Names NASA Considered For The 1980s Space Station That Never Was

During his 1984 State of the Union speech, President Reagan announced that the U.S. would build a new permanently manned space station within a decade. The Space Shuttle program was underway, and a permanent space station seemed like the next logical step in our bold push into the final frontier. It didn't hurt that… »7/29/13 1:32pm7/29/13 1:32pm

In Six Hours, A Russian Robo-Freighter Sprints To the ISS with Tons of Supplies

Two days might not seem that long for your latest Amazon order's arrival. But for the crew of the International Space Station, waiting 48 hours for fresh supplies must be an eternity. That's why NASA and Rosaviakosmos have melded new technology and an old technique to deliver supplies eight times faster than ever… »8/03/12 11:30am8/03/12 11:30am

Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Undergo Performance Anxiety With the Whole World Watching

They say the first time never lasts as long as you'd want. Yesterday's failed SpaceX Falcon 9 launch is no exception. Watch the rocket tremble with anticipation and light its load, only to have its performance cut short at the last second. It's okay, Falcon, we've all been there. [AP YouTube via The Atlantic] »5/20/12 3:00pm5/20/12 3:00pm

Russian Cargo Spacecraft Set to Swan Dive into the Pacific — This happens all the time, please be SELECTIVE on space stories or any off topic

Progress 46, a Russian cargo spacecraft carrying about a ton of space waste, is schedule to splash down into the Pacific ocean today, at approximately 6:45pm Moscow time. The spacecraft's specifically targeted "burial site" is in a remote region of the water, far from any shipping routes, though by the time it's… »4/28/12 2:20am4/28/12 2:20am