Awesome video game will let you fully live your space pilot dreams

Here's 12 minutes of gameplay footage of Star Citizen, a space flight simulator video game that will let you live in a parallel universe. Not only pilot a spaceship, but have a living avatar there. And with Oculus Rift support, it will be a total alternate universe experience. It looks absolutely fantastic. »4/11/14 11:40pm4/11/14 11:40pm


Inside Video of Operation "Blow Up a Satellite": Heart Pounding Action...With Missiles!

Remember how the Navy fired a missile at that spy satellite a few months ago and made it go boom in one shot? Not surprisingly, they were quite proud of their accomplishment—which is why they have compiled footage of their exploits in a series of tense behind-the-scenes moments. The video after the break even shows… »5/21/08 9:30pm5/21/08 9:30pm

Operation 'Blow Up a Satellite' Update: We Have a Direct Hit

A quick update on the satellite story that we reported about earlier this evening: it looks like the weather cleared enough for them to fire, and they hit the satellite as intended. It only took one shot, and it hit a target moving at about 17,000 miles per hour. Impressive. They still need a day to confirm that the… »2/21/08 12:10am2/21/08 12:10am

The Military's Satellite-Exploding Fireworks Show is Imminent, Expensive

Remember how I told you that the Pentagon had plans to blow up an errant spy satellite with a missile? Well, it's happening, and it might just be happening tonight if the weather clears up. Blowin' stuff up, hot diggity damn! The downside? This operation in glorified fireworks is gonna cost taxpayers somewhere in the… »2/20/08 4:20pm2/20/08 4:20pm