Russian Cargo Spacecraft Set to Swan Dive into the Pacific — This happens all the time, please be SELECTIVE on space stories or any off topic

Progress 46, a Russian cargo spacecraft carrying about a ton of space waste, is schedule to splash down into the Pacific ocean today, at approximately 6:45pm Moscow time. The spacecraft's specifically targeted "burial site" is in a remote region of the water, far from any shipping routes, though by the time it's… »4/28/12 2:20am4/28/12 2:20am


NASA Mistakes Star Wars for Reality, to Launch Lightsaber Into Space

Now the US space program has really jumped the shark. The Space Shuttle Discovery will carry into space Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, a prop used in Star Wars. The entire journey of this movie prop will be accompanied with crazy fanfare—from prop shop to space and back—all in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the… »8/28/07 3:20pm8/28/07 3:20pm