NASA Toilet Might Force Emergency Evacuation

The International Space Station's toilet is still broken, people. And all of our toilet humor isn't doing anything to fix what could be a potentially extremely hazardous situation. And as Russian ISS chief Vladimir Solovyov explained, it could lead to a complete evacuation. » 6/03/08 4:40pm 6/03/08 4:40pm

Shuttle to Repair ISS Toilet, Save the Day

It must be a relief for the ISS crew to hear that their malfunctioning toilet will get some urgently-needed repairs next week, now that Discovery will be whizzing a new pump aloft. The dodgy loo has been unable to deal with liquid waste, and repair attempts failed. So NASA has cleared Discovery to fly on Saturday with… » 5/30/08 5:30am 5/30/08 5:30am