Your Tight Pants Almost Ruined Paper Money

For over a century, every last bit of paper money that's circulated around the United States has come from just one single supplier, Crane & Co. But as The Washington Post found out, that century of loyalty was almost for naught when the 90s came along and brought with it a new menace to American currency; Crane had… » 12/16/13 5:20pm 12/16/13 5:20pm

Nike's High Tech Team USA Olympic Track Suits Shave Fractions Off Races

This is not a leaked American Gladiators uniform. It's Nike's design for the US Olympic Track and Field suits. They're made from Nike's proprietarily named (but possibly a poly-nylon blend synthetic) swift materials. Nike claims the socks and arm coverings, with their dimpled surfaces, break up drag to the tune of 12… » 7/04/08 9:15am 7/04/08 9:15am