Mom Embarrasses Daughter So Hard on Facebook She Begs for a Spanking Instead

You know when you were a kid and you did some dumb kid thing, and as punishment your mom dragged you in front of your friends to embarrass you? Just be glad the internet wasn't around back then, or you'd be begging for a butt-whoopin' instead of digital ignominy, like this 12-year-old troublemaker. »5/21/12 2:40pm5/21/12 2:40pm


Man Held On Domestic Violence Charges For Spanking Adult Daughter Over $5000 Cellphone Bill

Let's say your 20-year-old daughter runs up an astounding $5000 cellphone bill from talking to her good-for-nothing boyfriend too much. Do you a) cancel her service and make her get her own phone? b) reprimand her and block the offending number from the phone? c) grab her and spank her like she's seven. If you… »8/07/08 11:00pm8/07/08 11:00pm