This Cockpit Video Of Bulgaria's Two-Ship C-27J Spartan Demo Is Intense

The Alenia C-27J Spartan is truly the high-performance SUV of the air. It is powerful, tough and can haul full-sized pallets used by the C-130 Hercules.If that wasn’t enough, it can even do rolls and loops. The Bulgarian Air Force has three C-27Js in its fleet, and for recent air shows they showed off their Spartans… »11/08/15 6:55pm11/08/15 6:55pm


Report: Microsoft Could Ditch IE For a New Browser Named "Spartan"

Windows 10 should bring lots of changes to Microsoft's operating system, including a possible overhaul of Internet Explorer. Many believed the beleaguered browser would be getting an update with codename "Spartan," including much needed additions like extension support. Now, ZDNet reports that Spartan may in fact be a… »12/29/14 12:57pm12/29/14 12:57pm