Touchy-Feely Speakers Hint at the Future of Haptic Interfaces

Touchscreens are flat and hard by necessity—thanks to their dense layers of glass, conductive metal, and capacitors. But as haptic interfaces start to appear in commercial gadgets, touchscreen devices are poised to become even more… touchy. Enter Eunhee Jo, a Korean designer who’s spending the next year as a designer… »9/20/13 6:20pm9/20/13 6:20pm

Control This Beautiful Ceramic Radio By Touching Its Palladium Surface

Engineers and gilders might not seem like the most intuitive design partners—after all, their crafts hail from entirely different centuries—but the results of those kinds of unconventional collaborations can be magical. Behold: Hibou (meaning Owl, in French), a ceramic radio that's controlled by touching the… »6/13/13 6:12pm6/13/13 6:12pm

Audioengine 5+ Speakers Hit All The Right Notes, Including Price

I'm not going to try and convince you that, all things considered, the Audioengine 5+ speakers are the best bang for your buck. But if you're in the market for a capable pair that's easy to install, with features targeted at the average consumer, their $400 price tag certainly makes them a worthwhile contender. »10/25/11 8:20pm10/25/11 8:20pm