iHome IP99 iPhone Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With No Buzz

IHome today revealed their new IP99 alarm clock/iPhone dock specificially designed to shield out the rather annoying TDMA buzz associated with the iPhone and other GSM phones. The IP99 is the latest to protect against the buzz (the Altec-Lansing we reviewed in February also does this), as this is becoming desirable… » 4/15/08 6:10pm 4/15/08 6:10pm

Altec Lansing im600: A Thin Dock/FM Radio for Your iPod

Looks-wise, Altec Lansing's im600 iPod dock is a huge improvement over the company's last speakers. And even though it's a lightweight, it manages to squeeze in an extra feature here and there. Available in April, the $149 dock doubles as an alarm clock, portable boombox, and unlike other docks can play FM radio (for… » 3/30/07 6:55pm 3/30/07 6:55pm