The Most Powerful Bluetooth Speakerphone Can Also Tweet and Update Your Facebook Status

Those clip-on-to-your-visor bluetooth speakerphones are mostly passé, right? I mean most are easy enough to set up but I'm just so lazy that I never do it anymore. Howeva! The upcoming SuperTooth HD might be worth something because not only does it have three times more power than a typical bluetooth speaker (making… »3/21/11 3:20pm3/21/11 3:20pm

Sliding Mouse Speakerphone Is Cute, But Isn't a Skype Phone

This cute 800 DPI optical mouse with a built-in speaker slides out like a cellphone to reveal a keypad for VoIP calls. It has an LCD display for Caller ID and switches between mouse and phone functions automatically. It also looks much cooler than other combos we've seen. No word on price or availability. [Product page »6/20/08 5:30pm6/20/08 5:30pm

Otto Bluetooth Ear and Speaker Kit: Dock Like Spaceships, Ugly by Design

Otto's a company you've likely not heard of unless you're a firefighter or SWAT officer. The company's been making communication gear for pros in dangerous lines of work since 1961, and now they're making civilian gear. Most of it is uninteresting (noise canceling headphones, MP3 player built in headphones), except… »4/25/07 3:00pm4/25/07 3:00pm

Sony Ericsson's Cool Desk/Car Bluetooth Speakerphone: HCB-120

One more piece of gear I drooled over at CTIA is Sony Ericsson's HCB-120. The name seems to indicate droid-ness, but it's actually a Bluetooth speakerphone designed to sit on a desk or clip onto a sunvisor. There's a sensor that detects its orientation and sets the callerID text right side up, depending if you're at… »3/28/07 11:39pm3/28/07 11:39pm

BlueAnt Supertooth Light Lets You Talk Hands-Free in Full Duplex

A few months ago we heard rumblings of BlueAnt, a company from Australia planning to make inroads into the US market, and here's that ambition coming into fruition. The $80 Supertooth Light is a Bluetooth speakerphone that's full duplex, meaning that your conversation will be much more comfortable because you can hear… »3/27/07 4:00pm3/27/07 4:00pm

Phoenix Audio Duet PCS Review (Verdict: Makes Skype Sound Crystal Clear)

At first, I didn't think this Phoenix Audio Duet USB speakerphone was really necessary — I mean, using a headset with Skype should be enough, right? Well, according to the VOIP-heads over at VOIPSpeak: »11/08/05 9:00am11/08/05 9:00am

They go on to say that the Duet PCS not only functions as a USB speakerphone, but also has a standard headset jack…