USB 3.0 Coming in 1H 2008, Adding Fiber Optics and Improved Speeds

The USB 3.0 Promoters Group, which includes Intel, Microsoft, HP, TI, NEC and NXP among others, are planning to release a USB 3.0 spec in the first half of 2008. It will increase transfer speeds beyond USB 2.0's 480 Mbps by using a second fiber-optic channel in addition to the standard copper channel. The copper will… »9/18/07 6:22pm9/18/07 6:22pm

Problems With Blu-ray's BD-J Spec Causes Headaches For Early Adopters

Remember when we talked about inconsistent »6/07/07 3:00pm6/07/07 3:00pm Blu-ray BD-Java implementation and how it would cause problems for users? This video illustrates what we mean. A guy recorded himself updating the firmware of his Sony Blu-ray player, then attempting to go and play the Liar's Dice game in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The…

Blu-ray Players Have Problems With Pirates of the Caribbean Discs

If you've just purchased the first two Pirates movies on Blu-ray in order to get psyched up for the third one, you probably came up with a whole lot less Johnny Depp and a whole lot more firmware problems than you expected. Apparently at least two players—Samsung's BD-P1200 and Sony's BDP-S1—have difficulty playing… »5/25/07 5:40pm5/25/07 5:40pm