Size Isn't Everything: White iPhone 4 Has Modified Innards, Too

So the white iPhone 4 is a bit bigger in the trunk than its black-encased brother. No big deal, really, unless you're trying to swap cases between the two. Inside, however, we're learning there's even more to this peculiar story. » 5/01/11 2:30pm 5/01/11 2:30pm

Apple's Ginormous NC Data Center Is For (Cloud-Based?) iTunes After All

That massive data center Apple's spent the last few years building in North Carolina? As suspected, it's there to support iTunes, the company confirmed today. That's a whole lot of storage to be used for anything other than a cloud-based iTunes. » 2/23/11 4:15pm 2/23/11 4:15pm

Rumor: HTC Flyer Tablet Launching March, Resembling Large Desire…

According to the always-rumormongering, often-incorrect Taiwanese publication Digitimes, HTC's got three tablets for the first half of 2011, with the first launching in the US in March. It'll be called the Flyer allegedly, and will resemble the Desire phone—plus run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), as we heard before. The… » 1/20/11 6:20am 1/20/11 6:20am

What's Microsoft Really Doing With ARM-Based Tablets? (Updated)

Bloomberg reported today that Microsoft is busy porting Windows to the ARM-based chips that dominate the smartphone and tablet market. If true, that would likely mean no possibility of future WP7 tablets. Which sounds unlikely! Here's a better bet. Updated » 12/21/10 4:46pm 12/21/10 4:46pm

Rumor: Two Facebook Phones Coming Next Year?

After hearing that Facebook's (non-existent, according to their spokespeople) phone will run on Android, Bloomberg is reporting today that INQ Mobile has been tasked with building hardware for two phones, and AT&T might just carry them exclusively from late-2011. » 9/23/10 6:06am 9/23/10 6:06am

Leaked HTC Mozart Video Shows Windows Phone 7 Specs for the Nexus One…

Looking very similar to the Nexus One (albeit with a larger top-bezel), HTC's WP7-running Mozart phone has appeared in a video along with some very believable specs. Super-LCD instead of AMOLED, an 8MP camera—par for the course really. » 9/21/10 6:00am 9/21/10 6:00am