Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Complete Dirty Harry Blu-Ray Collection…

Do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya? Does Blu-Ray have five years left before digital distribution knocks it out of commission, or just four? So I ask again: Do you feel lucky? Annnnd, scene. Anyway, all kidding aside, this immense collection of all things Dirty Harry arrives on store shelves (brick and mortar, digital or… » 6/01/08 8:00pm 6/01/08 8:00pm

DS Lite Bundles Get Official In Time For Holidays

Those "His and Hers" special edition Nintendo DS Lite bundles we told you about a while back got official today. Available in pretty pink (with a paw print) or gold (with the Triforce logo!), they come with Nintendogs: Best Friends or Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, respectively, and will cost $150 apiece when… » 11/20/07 12:00pm 11/20/07 12:00pm

First Pics of the Zune Halo 3 Special Edition

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There was a little surprise for everyone today at the Halo 3 preview in NYC: A special edition Halo 3 Zune. It's due out in mid-June. Wish I could have shown you some pictures of the box, which is emblazoned with Master Chief, but it was all hidden behind thick glass.

Thanks Carlos » 5/11/07 6:15pm 5/11/07 6:15pm