There Is Is Nothing Special About The Special Forces' Newest Truck

Or rather, the operators who would use the Navistar SOTV-B would want you to think there’s absolutely nothing special about it. It is the ultimate blank pick up truck for clandestine environments. And if that’s not anonymous enough for you, it can look like any truck your heart desires. »3/31/15 5:53pm3/31/15 5:53pm


Would you travel inside these pods attached to the wing of a jet?

The Aviationist's reader Bjørn Broten found these two shots of the Exint, a pod designed to carry special forces and wounded soldiers in and out the battlefield—attached to the wing of Harrier jets or Apache helicopters. Imagine that ride. People were joking yesterday, but if you want to see how this may feel, take a… »12/05/13 9:53pm12/05/13 9:53pm

Wearable Antenna for Soldiers Won't Make Them Look Like Ant Warriors

Five years in the making, Pharad's wearable antenna is aimed at troops in covert operations, and, I guess, undercover cops and agents. Waterproof and flexible, the wearable antenna, which is made out of dielectric material, supports and is aimed to be integrated into body armor vests and helmets, and there's even a… »4/13/08 4:00pm4/13/08 4:00pm