Exclusive: How Tron: Legacy Starred a Young Jeff Bridges

If you're a Jeff Bridges fan, Tron: Legacy was a double dose of awesomesauce. But how on earth did they turn back the clock on the Dude to get a young Clu running the show? While I wish there were a fountain of youth—or some sort of Mission Impossible-style mask?—the time-bending technique is revealed in this… »4/04/11 4:40pm4/04/11 4:40pm

A Brief and Wonderful History of Hollywood Special Effects

From the earliest cartoon dinosaurs to stop-motion to CGI to today's eye-gouging 3D, Time guides us through a tour of the major milestones in over a century's worth of special effects achievements. Even The Parent Trap gets some much-deserved love. And who knows? Maybe studying up here will help out with that Oscar… »2/25/11 6:40pm2/25/11 6:40pm