Hyundai Is Working on a Car That Slows Down When It Sees Speed Cameras

God knows we should all be driving slower, but we're only human. Even the threat of a fine can't stop us. So to counteract this self-destructive streak of ours, Hyundai is working on car that automatically slows itself down in the face of speed cameras. » 6/26/14 10:07am 6/26/14 10:07am

A Speeding Ticket Camera Company Is Doctoring Evidence Photos

Nothing feels worse than getting a speeding ticket in the mail. What. The. Truck. As if they weren't bad enough as-is, a report from the Washington DC metropolitan area suggests that the cameras used to catch you might not be playing by the rules. In fact, the camera contractors might be fudging the evidence to make… » 8/07/13 4:00pm 8/07/13 4:00pm

Meet Finland's All-Knowing 3D Speed Camera

In Finland there are cameras. Automated cameras. They observe the roads, watching for speeders. Nothing new, right? Wrong. These silent watchers can ding drivers for pretty much everything else too. » 11/07/10 5:00pm 11/07/10 5:00pm

Cobra's Latest Radar Detectors Have Color Touchscreens

Cobra Electronics has expanded its line of radar detectors with the world's first touchscreen models, which will let you know of upcoming radar and speed cameras. They've also got the first model for under $200, which unfortch isn't touchscreen. » 1/05/10 3:35pm 1/05/10 3:35pm

Evil Speeding Monkey Defeats the Evil Speeding Cameras

Another idiot roams the world in his speeding car. The world being the squarish state of Arizona. This guy has avoided 37 tickets totaling $6700 using a monkey mask. Still, not a match to Animal in Germany. [Thanks, GitEmSteveDave] » 9/10/09 9:50am 9/10/09 9:50am

Don't Speed Or You'll Be Obliterated by a Goddamn Tank

This looks like a road in Sweden, Norway, or Germany. Wherever it is, they use their tanks to fire at speeding cars. Maybe. Whatever it is they do, I know I wouldn't be messing with these traffic cops. [Thanks David] » 8/17/09 11:20pm 8/17/09 11:20pm

How to Use Speed Cameras to Bury Your Enemies in Speeding Tickets

I think that speed cameras are the devil's technology that impugn our basic human rights, but Maryland high school students show how they can be used for fun and profit revenge. » 12/22/08 10:00am 12/22/08 10:00am

Sneaky UK Traffic Cameras Suffer the Wrath of MAD

People just don't like being spied upon. If you live in the UK, you're certainly familiar with those autonomous traffic cameras lurking around every corner that catch you speeding or running traffic signals, and then tattle to the police, resulting in a traffic ticket in your mailbox. A group called MAD (Motorists… » 12/27/07 5:20pm 12/27/07 5:20pm

Bombproof and Bulldozerproof Speed Camera is Waaaatching Youuuu

Anyone who thought that the Dutch were a liberal race might think again if they come up against the IDEE machine. Standing for Innovative Digital Enforcement Environment, this 13-feet-high speed camera has just about everything it needs to resist an attack from an angry motorist. » 8/29/07 7:11am 8/29/07 7:11am