Speed Racer Race-A-Round Sound Helmet Has Us Saying "Vroom Vroom", Crashing Into Walls

Toy cars are fun, but when it comes to acting out our Speed Racer fantasies we want to feel like we're part of the action. Soon we can with the help of the Race-A-Round Sound Helmet. Moving the helmet in any direction triggers a variety of crashing and breaking sounds, and buttons on its side play phrases from the… »2/14/08 5:20pm2/14/08 5:20pm

Speed Racer vs. Batmobile Zoomdown: Entire 2008 Toy Lineup Get Us All Revved Up

We've got Mattel's entire line of Batman and Speed Racer cars for 2008, and we hope the movies are as geekgasmic as the toys. The Batman lineup punches all of my little fanboy buttons—not only the entire squadron from The Dark Knight, but the two best Batmobiles ever: from the animated series AND Adam Batwest. Speed… »2/14/08 4:30pm2/14/08 4:30pm

Speed Racer Battle Morph Mach 5 Slices, Dices, Still Finishes First

At first glance, Speed Racer's car looks like his normal Mach 5. But you make a click here, a snap there and BAM – you get battle morph goodness. Rocket boosters appear, saws pop out of the sidebody and you get an array of guns and grabbers. While Mattel calls it the Mach 5, the car's number logo has a 6. Seems like… »2/09/08 2:25pm2/09/08 2:25pm

ARTA Super GT 300 Speed Racer Is Worthy of Racing the Batmobile

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, here's the vrooomtabolous and akiratastic ARTA Super GT 300, the nemesis of Mach 5, our favorite car this side of the Batmobile. In fact, if the Joker liked race cars instead of trucks and school buses, I'm sure he'll grab this one and beat the crap out of Mr. Pointy Ears. All that red and shapes… »1/14/08 7:32am1/14/08 7:32am

Trailer for Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer Has CGI, John Goodman and the Creamy Goodness of Christina Ricci

"Prepare to trip balls" says sister site Jalopnik about Speed Racer, the Wachowski Brothers movie that comes out next year, and they're not wrong. Judging by the trailer, we're going to be going on an acid-colored trip on May 9, 2008—and the best thing is that Christina Ricci is coming along for the ride. Find out for… »12/07/07 6:46am12/07/07 6:46am