Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane Is Remote Controlled, Costs Two Grand

Fans of classic speedboats can now reenact one of the most exiting races ever in their backyard pool with the remote controlled Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane. The boat is a 1:10 replica of the Arno XI, which zoomed to a 1953 record-shattering 150.49mph. It's almost 3 feet in length, weighs 16 pounds and can be… »10/22/08 2:30am10/22/08 2:30am

Designer Creates Boat After Watching 'American Graffiti' and 'Waterworld' Double Feature

This cross between a speedboat and what could be Paul LeMat's '32 Ford Coupe is called the Front Runner. In theory, this water speed demon designed by Joey Ruiter is made of aluminum and is powered by twin 225hp motors in the front. Don't know how that will work out, but who cares? Being a concept, it's just cool for… »4/13/07 7:20pm4/13/07 7:20pm