Missouri To Deploy Ear-Splitting LRAD Sound Cannons To Deter Speeders

Good news! For people that like speeding in work zones! The Missouri Department of Transportation just acquired two Long Range Acoustic Devices, or LRADs, to blast incredibly loud noises at drivers as they speed past construction sites. This is definitely, definitely going to go over well. »4/12/14 2:33pm4/12/14 2:33pm

Daughter reacts so adorably when she asks her dad to drive super fast

Don't tell Mom! Actually tell Mom because her daughter is so dang adorable that she should be proud that her little girl has so much joy in her. Jamie P. took his daughter out in his 1000bhp Nissan GT-R and fulfills his daughter's request to drive faster to hilariously delightful results. She's the best. Even though… »2/13/14 10:33pm2/13/14 10:33pm

Oh My God, Some Guy Was Trapped in a Car Stuck at 125MPH and Somehow Didn't Die

This sounds ridiculously stressful: Frank Lecerf was driving his car adapted for the disabled in France when it got stuck at 60MPH. He tried to brake. The car accelerated. He tried to brake again. It kept getting faster. Finally, the car ended up stuck zooming at 125MPH and there was no way to stop it. Lecerf drove… »2/13/13 8:00pm2/13/13 8:00pm