The Man Who Successfully Challenged Five Speeding Tickets Using Traffic…

Will Foreman keeps getting nabbed by traffic cameras for speeding. Believing the cameras to be inaccurate, he analyzed the timestamps and the position of his car in each pair of photos, using them to successfully contest five speeding tickets. » 4/22/11 12:40am 4/22/11 12:40am

Speeding Fine Provokes Man To Purchase Expired Police Domain

Getting a speeding fine is enough to drive anyone to road-rage, but Brian McCrary decided to do something entirely different with his rage. While browsing the local police department's website, he saw the domain was close to expiring... » 6/09/10 5:20pm 6/09/10 5:20pm

Laser Star Allegedly Turns Your Clunker Into Invisible Asphalt Phantom

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The Laser Star is new to the States, but it's already made a name for itself in Europe as a cheap, effective way to jam police speed trap lasers. These demonstrations from Laser Jammer Tests show why. No fewer than four police-issue laser detectors were foiled by the Laser Star without so much as a… » 7/27/08 5:00pm 7/27/08 5:00pm