Speedo's Crazy Nemesis Fins Borrow Their Design From Humpback Whales

When you're designing a product that helps someone race through the water, it only makes sense to draw your inspiration from the ocean's resident experts. So you might be surprised to hear that Speedo closely based the design for its new Nemesis fins on humpback whales instead of sharks or dolphins. Either way, it's a… » 8/08/14 9:59am 8/08/14 9:59am

Overheard in the Pool: Michael Phelps and His LZR Racer Aquabeat…

Yoooo have you heard this Phish bootleg from Birmingham in '94? The one where they do a 36 minute jam of "Tom Sawyer"? So sweet man. So sweet. » 4/14/09 1:00pm 4/14/09 1:00pm

Speedo Now Selling LZR Racer Swim Suit to the Public, U.S. Whale…

Even though Speedo is now selling its controversial LZR Racer » 8/17/08 1:00pm 8/17/08 1:00pm swim suit to the general public for $550, we doubt the beer bellies at the local community swimming pool are going to spontaneously turn into a congregation of eight gold medal-winning Olympians any time soon. In fact, here at the Gizmodo weekend desk Jesus…

Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit Spawns Copycats and Controversy

Speedo's controversial LZR Racer swimsuit spawned its first copycat this week, a prototype from Arena International that pushes the definition of tight-fitting fabric. With a green light for the LZR from swimming's official body, and the Summer Olympics looming large on the horizon, I think it's safe to say that the… » 4/13/08 8:00pm 4/13/08 8:00pm

Streamlined Speedo Swim Suit Is Too Slippery When Wet

Officials from the International Swimming Federation (aka FINA) want to speak with Speedo next week about their high-tech swimsuit. Seems the athletes who use the swimsuit are breaking all sorts of records and, with the Olympics coming up, FINA doesn't want anyone getting an unfair advantage. Unfortunately for FINA,… » 3/30/08 9:30pm 3/30/08 9:30pm