Depresing Newz: Spelcheking During Exams Now OoKay Wit Oragan Schols

Hey, here's a thing that's suddenly not cheating anymore: using a computer spell checker on school writing exams. This week's top head-shaking sign of the times is courtesy of Oregon, now condoning the practice for middle and high schoolers. » 12/17/10 11:40am 12/17/10 11:40am

A Typo That Can't Be Corrected

People get tattoos commemorating the things they love most: mothers, lovers, flaming skulls, et cetera. But in this spell check era of ours, it's good to see someone who appreciates that squiggly red line enough to keep it around permanently. [Neatorama] » 10/29/10 9:20am 10/29/10 9:20am