A Real-Time Look At How Much We Spend on Stuff

If there was any lingering doubt that we are a nation of consumers, this real-time infographic should all but eliminate it. Retale.com has illustrated the staggering amount of money being spent every second in retail and online stores, as well as on various products, in a chart that makes you wonder why anyone would… » 6/24/14 1:40pm 6/24/14 1:40pm

What You Can Do With a $550 Million Powerball Jackpot

Are you going to win the $550 million pot? Statistics aside, you feel almost 100% certain that you will. Now is the time to start wrapping your brain around just how much cash that is. » 11/28/12 4:20pm 11/28/12 4:20pm

How Budgeting Your Gadget Purchases Could Blow Your Budget

We all know what it's like: you decide you finally need to get a new computer, TV or camera. The first thing you do is work out how much you can spend, then start looking for the best products in your price range. Big mistake, because budgeting like that will likely cause you to spend more. Here's how to wise up. » 7/04/12 7:00pm 7/04/12 7:00pm

Congressman Claims 1/5 of the Navy's Ships Are Junk

It looks like dissolving ships aren't the only thing the Navy's only anxiety—even the proven stuff is starting to fall apart, Danger Room reports. According to a congressional report, over a fifth of the country's fleet fails inspections. » 7/14/11 9:55am 7/14/11 9:55am

The Government's Gadget Habit Has Cost You Hundreds of Millions

The federal government is just like you and me. Except it can legally kill people, and, instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gadgets, it spends millions. Think you buy a lot of Apple gear? Not even close. » 6/15/11 3:30pm 6/15/11 3:30pm

How Nerdy Is Your City, In Dollars?

How much do single mothers in Akron spend on electronics? What about married Chicagoans, without kids, on their phone service? Bachelors, on cable, in New York? If only there was an interactive web app to tell you this stuff! » 2/08/10 3:29pm 2/08/10 3:29pm

Cool Visualization Shows World's Spending On Electronics By Country (We…

Here we see ol' Mercator, if country sizes were drawn according to the amount of discretionary income spent on electronics by its citizens. As the world's largest economy, the US being the biggest blob here at $162 billion for 2007 is not that surprising. But what might be surprising is Japan, who spends more on… » 9/10/08 11:53am 9/10/08 11:53am

Credit Card Alarm Prevents Binge Shopping, Thievery, Forgetfulness

Biggest shopping day of the year—fooey is what I say to that. But if you do plan on battling the masses out today, you better proceed with caution and safety. The Credit Card alarm will beep every 20 seconds that the card is removed, therefore preventing you from leaving the card at a restaurant or store. The same… » 11/24/06 10:10am 11/24/06 10:10am