LaCie's Silver-Plated Steel Sphère Houses 1TB of External Storage

If you prefer everything on your desk to be a stunning example of industrial design, LaCie's new Sphère is an external hard drive you won't want to hide behind your monitor. It looks like a giant drop of mercury thanks to its hand-crafted and highly-polished silver-plated steel housing, which helps explain why you'll… »1/05/14 7:00pm1/05/14 7:00pm


Microsoft Surface Sphere Will Be Multi-touchable Next Week

Microsoft is going to debut its spherical multi-touch Surface next week at its annual Research Faculty Summit. We're pretty curious about what you can do with a big ball of multi-touch (and wondering about the little things-is it a perfect sphere? How are you supposed to hold it? Is it like a globe?). They pulled… »7/24/08 4:59pm7/24/08 4:59pm