This sauce is so hot that the cook has to wear a gas mask

Muhammad Karim—the cook at Bindi Restaurant, in Lincolnshire, England—is the inventor of the Atomic Kick Ass Drumsticks. He has to wear a gas mask when he prepares the sauce to stop the vapors getting into his nose. Inhalation of those vapors can cause facial paralyses or even death by asphyxia. » 6/12/14 8:21pm 6/12/14 8:21pm

Hello, Smart Bike: Hands On With Lapierre's Intelligent Suspension

If you rode a mountain bike in the 1980s or 90s, suspension was just a dream—something only the rich kids could afford. Gradually, though, it became a must-have feature for serious trail riders. It began with shocks in the front fork, and later evolved to full suspension with shocks on both wheels—and eventually,… » 7/31/13 4:02pm 7/31/13 4:02pm