Badass spider uses insect corpses to make a giant spider design decoy

Like in Game of Thrones, where the Iron Throne was forged from the swords of all the enemies Aegon the Conqueror defeated, this Cyclosa spider uses its dead enemies' bodies to build a big fake spider decoy design to sit on. Seriously, the spider uses its victim's insect corpses to construct a larger spider-shaped… » 1/21/14 9:42pm 1/21/14 9:42pm

Spiderweb Solar-Wind Sail Proves Jor-El Was Right

Laugh all you want at the sea-urchiny ship Jor-El used to send Kal-El to earth, but it looks a lot like the new kind of solar-sail array developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki. Instead of the standard solar panels, the Finnish scientists propose long thin strands, just microns in diameter, that… » 4/25/08 10:15am 4/25/08 10:15am