The SlobStopper: An Adult Bib Because You've Totally Given Up On Everything

The SlobStopper is a real product—MADE IN THE USA—forged from two layers of polyurethane laminate. What does it do? Why, it stops your slob! It ensures that toddlers, with their undeveloped motor skills and precarious feeding angles, don't corner the market on bib-wearing! It makes pretty girls look at you when you… »4/08/11 11:00pm4/08/11 11:00pm

Optimus Maximus Keyboard Gets Coffee Bath, Apparently Survives

It was only a matter of time. This image popped up on an Optimus Live Journal group, showing the sad results of a clumsy morning with a steaming mug and a $1,600 Optimus Maximus keyboard, which is one place we didn't take our review-yet. Not much info on what happened or whether this was a planned test, but the poster… »8/01/08 2:00pm8/01/08 2:00pm

We Dump Coffee, Coke, OJ and Milk All Over a Shiny New Toughbook: Did It Survive?

Click to viewOn Tuesday we asked you about the one thing you wouldn't want spilled on your keyboard, and we were surprised how much you had to tell us. We have a brand new Y7 Toughbook laying around the apartment, which Panasonic claims can handle six ounces of liquid poured right into the keyboard. We decided to put… »2/28/08 4:40pm2/28/08 4:40pm

Question of the Day: Which is Worse to Spill on Your Keyboard?

You are working feverishly and there is no time to eat—so you bring your food and drink over to your workspace and try to multi-task. Not surprisingly, you manage to spill your beverage all over the keyboard like an idiot. Many of us have been there. So, the question is, which is worse to spill on your keyboard? »2/26/08 8:15pm2/26/08 8:15pm