Lenovo's IdeaPad S10 Ultra-Portable Gets Splashtop Instant-Bootup

Back in August we brought you official news, specs and pricing for Lenovo's IdeaPad S10 ultraportable, and now one month after its launch you might be interested to learn that it's getting a Splashtop instant-on pre-bootup option. In the Lenovo incarnation, the system is being called "QuickStart” and it'll let you… »10/28/08 9:55am10/28/08 9:55am

Microsoft Adding Its Own Instant-On Feature To Windows?

This survey, sent to a random sampling of Windows users, seems to indicated that MS is at least thinking of integrating an instant-on mode to Windows. Existing quick-start features like Splashtop »10/15/08 9:45am10/15/08 9:45am, found on the , and a number of other machines, are usually Linux-based systems that stick their finger into the BIOS. A…

Asus Notebooks Getting Splashtop Instant Boot Linux OS: Web Browsing, Skype in Seconds

The lightweight Linux variant Splashtop that's been pre-installed on some Asus motherboards is shimmying its way over to a range of Asus notebooks, providing instant-on functions like wireless, web browsing, chat, etc. Since the software runs out of the computer's RAM, you don't have to wait for the full OS to boot up… »5/29/08 4:00am5/29/08 4:00am

Asustek P5E3 Motherboard Features Embedded "Splashtop" Linux Variant

If you are not familiar with it, Splashtop is a Linux variant that provides basic functionality like wired and wireless connectivity, Firefox, Skype and simple games. What's unique about the software is that it runs entirely in RAM. That means you don't have to wait for your computer to boot in order to surf or chat… »10/11/07 8:20pm10/11/07 8:20pm