Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Genius. Photographer Chino Otsuka has discovered the art of time travel. Instead of exploiting a whole in the Space-time continuum to time travel, she simply digitally spliced her adult self into old photographs from her childhood. That way it looked like adult version of Otsuka was meeting child version of Otsuka. So… » 1/10/14 10:29pm 1/10/14 10:29pm

Splice Lets You Mix and Mash on the Net

Everyone wants to be a producer nowadays, but not everyone has the talent, so the folks at Splice are letting you dip your toes into music production with their online flash-based audio sequencer which lets you edit, mix and mash up beats. The site lets you create and save a profile so after you're done with your… » 10/19/06 12:58pm 10/19/06 12:58pm