Motorola Splits Into Two Companies, But That Just Means They'll Be More Streamlined And Focused

Just as Motorola was getting its act together and releasing brilliant hardware after years of, well, dirge, they're now splitting down the middle into two independent companies—on one side the phone division, the other, wireless networking. Don't glare at your Droid and vow to never put more money into Motorola,… »2/12/10 5:42am2/12/10 5:42am

Sony's Splittable PlayStation 3 Controller Sounds Very Wiimote-Like

According to, Sony's in the middle of working on a PlayStation 3 controller that splits into two units, giving the player motion-sensing functionality much like the Wiimote + Nunchuk combination on the Wii. Their source knows of no official announcement timeline, but working units have been given to… »6/13/08 3:10pm6/13/08 3:10pm