The Splitfish FragFX Shark Is a Mouse Controller for the Xbox 360

When I look at the Splitfish FragFX Shark controller, I don't even know what to think. There's a mouse with Xbox buttons on the side, a nunchuk-esque 'thingy' that looks like a controller chopped in half and it's all supposed to come together to give a PC feel to games on the 360. » 9/15/11 11:14am 9/15/11 11:14am

SplitFish Updating Controller/Mouse Combo PS3 Controllers

SplitFish is unveiling its new Dual SFX Frag Pro and Dual SFX Evolution controllers at E3. Both controllers are comprised of separate mouse and controller sections that link together, with the former designed for shooters and the latter designed for racing games. » 5/27/09 4:00pm 5/27/09 4:00pm

SplitFish FragFX PS3 Controller Reviewed (Verdict: Mouse on a Console…

Those of you playing first person shooters on the PS3 but suck at using the SIXAXIS to aim were probably looking forward to the SplitFish FragFX, the half controller, half mouse contraption. How well does it work? Pretty darn well. And it's customizable too. » 6/27/07 3:40pm 6/27/07 3:40pm

PS3 Sixaxis Controller To Get Force Feedback After All?

You'll soon feel every bump and jolt while playing with the PS3's Sixaxis controller... maybe. A hardware manufacturer by the name of SplitFish apparently figured out a way to give the Sixaxis rumble without infringing on Immersion's patents. (Immersion holds a number of key patents on controller vibration… » 1/31/07 8:46am 1/31/07 8:46am

EdgeFX Lets Console Gamers Frag Away with a Mouse

SplitFish's new EdgeFX mouse was designed to make your PlayStation 2's Dual Shock controller obsolete. It has the controller's four face buttons etched onto it's side and also comes with a secondary controller that contains the Dual Shock's analog and directional pads. The $70 combo is out this week, but it only… » 12/19/06 3:13pm 12/19/06 3:13pm