Star Trek Nutcrackers Are Logical Additions to the Holiday Season

Rat-fighting red coat nutcrackers? Look me up when you get to the 24th century, pal. That's where I'll be, cracking nuts and taking names with my $35 Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock versions of this timeless classic. They go nicely with my Star Trek synthehol bottle opener »10/19/08 12:30pm10/19/08 12:30pm, and are handy in a pinch (groan, huh?) when I…

Star Trek Communicator Replica Coming Soon, Sadly Doesn't Communicate

This "life-size" Star Trek Communicator is a dream for every budding Kirk out there, sounding like the real thing when you flip it open, and with nine different voice phrases from the TV series built in. So okay, you can't actually contact anyone with it, but who needs that when you can pretend with "Spock here,… »2/11/08 11:36am2/11/08 11:36am