AT&T Ad Spoof Argues that Using Verizon Will Get You Murdered

You've probably seen those cutesy AT&T commercials that shows someone talking about how they're missing an important phone call because they aren't getting service. You know, oops, I messed up this business meeting! There was an awkward misunderstanding that lead to a mildly humorous situation! This spoof on the… » 11/07/08 11:30am 11/07/08 11:30am the Future of Social Networking? I Hope So.

MySpace is over. eHarmony is a scam. Facebook? Talk to me when you graduate, kids. The future of social networking is TheNameTag. Just look at these happy customers! » 2/14/07 12:15pm 2/14/07 12:15pm

Canon's Latest DSLR Powerhouse Camera

Throw out every gizmo and gadget you own—this is all you need. It can do everything: order alcohol, pizza, has a pee break alert, "Adams Mode," L button, mood button and it can even call up Spock to help you operate the damn thing. Best of all: a sex button. Sorry ladies, I am off the market now, this is my new… » 1/23/06 2:08pm 1/23/06 2:08pm