Spork Chops Are the Perfect Secret Agent Utensil for Those Who Suck At Using Chopsticks

You're in a Japanese restaurant. Or a Chinese restaurant. Or a Korean restaurant. Or to avoid being racist, any restaurant that uses chopsticks as its main conduit for food. It smells so good! But you're sweating, your hands are shaking, you're starving because you can only get one rice morsel at a time with those… »5/15/12 11:40am5/15/12 11:40am

The Chork Is the Beautifully Awful Lovechild of a Fork and Chopsticks That Will Prevent World War III

If you went back in time with all the knowledge you have now but none of the habits, what utensil would you invent to eat with? Is the fork, a tiny and instinctive spear, the ideal utensil? Or is the chopstick, a dexterous extension of your fingers, the winner? Which makes the most sense? »4/11/12 8:00pm4/11/12 8:00pm

IC3 Intelligent Cutlery System Silently Judges You During Meals

Diets are tough, what with the eating and drinking of beer, and that being really, really, enjoyable and all. The IC3 Intelligent Cutlery System wants to help. How? Well, designer Alex Schulz says that as you chomp away at dinner, the IC3 does the traditional job as a fork, knife or spoon, and then goes the extra mile… »10/26/08 1:00pm10/26/08 1:00pm

Spoon With Built-In Scales, Perfect for Dieters and Dealers

This spoon, which looks like a prop from CSI, has built-in scales so you can scoop and check the amount all in one. Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel, it has an LCD screen, and an accuracy of 0.005 ounces. It also measures in metric or imperial and can keep track of added weights. Just make sure you use it for… »4/24/08 7:05am4/24/08 7:05am

Zing Lunch Launchers: The Latest in Food Fight Technology

Man, I love the guys at Worldwide Fred—but parents and janitors probably feel differently thanks to this ZING! spring-loaded spoon launcher. The way I see it, if you are going to go into battle, you had better have the right equipment. Loading up a round of vegetables in this thing will surely give you an edge over… »1/25/08 7:00pm1/25/08 7:00pm

Side-On Cutlery Makes It Almost Safe to Eat at Your Aunt's Grimy House

The germaphobe in us always freaks out a little bit when we see silverware lying on a bare table, either at someone else's house or a restaurant. (Our own table is a chemical-cleaner-scorched wasteland.) So we hope that eventually all silverware will be like Jens-Martin Skibsted's designs for Side-On Cutlery, which… »9/14/07 11:51am9/14/07 11:51am