Official: $59 Nike+ SportBand Works Without iPod

As we teased just the other day, Nike will in fact be selling a Nike+ SportBand—complete with the familiar shoe pebble, not shown—for training without the iPod nano. "Heavens! Why would you ever want to train without an iPod nano?" you ask, aghast. According to my runner friend Rid, who shunned the original Nike+ iPod… » 4/02/08 12:27pm 4/02/08 12:27pm

Nike+ Sportband Snubs Apple, Makes iPod Unnecessary

The next iteration of the Nike+ line of running-enhancing gear just hit the FCC, and it looks like Nike went ahead and ditched Apple for this go around. This one is the Nike SportBand, a little device that fits into a bracelet. It communicates with the Nike+ doodad in your shoe and stores its data. You then plug the… » 2/21/08 10:12am 2/21/08 10:12am