Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car Gets Production Plans

Once we learned that the Fisker Karma hybrid sports car would produce fake engine sounds we knew plans to produce the beast had to be underway. And Fisker today has announced a letter of intent with producer Valmet Automotive to actually build the luxury hybrid sports car. First vehicle roll-off the production line… » 7/17/08 4:16am 7/17/08 4:16am

Citroen C-Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car: Fast and Furiously…

Our hybrid fetish lives on, especially for the Citroen C-Metisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car that'll be rolled out at this year's International Motor Show in Paris. This four-door rocket is powered by a 205hp diesel V-6 engine and two electric motors, one on each rear wheel. That combo delivers pretty good numbers, too:… » 9/07/06 12:17pm 9/07/06 12:17pm