Dress to Match LAX's Colorful Tunnels With These Brilliant Socks

If you've flown into Los Angeles International Airport anytime in the last 50 years, the final segment of your journey may have taken you down a long hallway featuring a gorgeous color-blocked tile mural. Well, on your next flight to L.A., you can wear the socks to match it. » 11/01/13 12:11pm 11/01/13 12:11pm

Nikes Fit for the Desert

Nike Sportswear, my favorite arm of the shoe giant, has released these shoes that use plain Nikes and re-purpose them as desert boots. From the color, to the rubber sole, it's a perfect combo of outdoors smarts with flawless street style. [NSW via Acquire Mag] » 7/04/11 4:00pm 7/04/11 4:00pm

Hands On: Puma Phone Makes Me Want To Go To The Gym More

A few blurry pics and a viral video that was promptly yanked from YouTube have led to the official announcement of the Puma Phone, aka, the phone that makes me wish I was more sporty. » 2/16/10 8:05am 2/16/10 8:05am

Pearl Izumi: Vertex MP3 Bib Short, And How to Always Never Tip Gizmodo

The most interesting part of this product isn't that it's a $499 piece of sportswear with integrated MP3 player. It isn't the 16 hours of music storage (about 1GB of space). And it certainly isn't those sleek integrated button controls on the quad region of your leg. » 2/25/07 5:45pm 2/25/07 5:45pm

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