Player-Tracking Technology Is Coming To Hockey. It'll Change Everything.

Nothing happens quickly in the NHL. Fighting still exists. Visors were only mandated for incoming players last year. But the league is reportedly preparing to test player-tracking technology, and if it takes, we're not far away from a complete and sudden revolution in how we understand the sport. » 5/13/14 6:28pm 5/13/14 6:28pm

How the CNN Holographic Interview System Works

CNN's holographic election coverage » 11/04/08 10:08pm 11/04/08 10:08pm is fancy pantsy, but how did they manage to send 3D 360 degree footage of virtual correspondent Jessica Yellin from Chicago all the way to the station's election center in NY? As , Magic. A magic made possible from technology Vizrt and SportVu with the help of forty-four HD…