"Spot" Is a Smaller (More Kickable) Version of Boston Dynamic's Big Dog

We haven't seen much of Boston Dynamic's four-legged self-balancing Big Dog robot since it was last spotted hurling cinder blocks in a lab. And that's maybe because the company's robotic geniuses have been hard at work building a smaller more agile version called Spot that weighs just 160 pounds so it can safely… »2/09/15 3:30pm2/09/15 3:30pm

MSN Direct Weather, News and Stocks Comes to Windows Mobile

MSN Direct's weather, news, stocks, and entertainment info have been available on MSN Spot devices for a while now, but have been surprisingly missing from Microsoft's own cellphone devices. Not anymore. You can get now up-to-date info right on your Windows Mobile home screen direct from whatever data connection you… »2/11/08 3:25pm2/11/08 3:25pm

SPOT GPS Tracking Device Is Perfect for Remote Climbers and Jealous Girlfriends

Walt Mossberg has had a look at the SPOT satellite messenger, a GPS gadget aimed at adventurers and thrill seekers. Not only does it call in the emergency services if you're stuck and there's no cellphone tower for miles, but it also sends out position updates to keep friends back home updated on your expedition. It… »1/30/08 7:05am1/30/08 7:05am

Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker Shows You Weather Reports

Okay, all you wonks who complained that we had a coffeemaker on the Giz the other day, keep scrolling. Now that the whiny geek is gone, let me tell you about the Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker, a 10-cup pot that uses Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) to give you almost-live weather data from… »9/15/06 11:29am9/15/06 11:29am

Oregon Scientific Regional Weather Station Reviewed (Verdict: Not SPOTty At All)

I've been watching SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) for a few years now and I've never been blown away. However, this weather station seems to get a few things right—it uses a dedicated data stream to pick up excellent weather info, it never needs setting, and it does what it's supposed to do without lots of… »12/20/05 3:05pm12/20/05 3:05pm