Make Your Own USB Batman Spotlight When You Should Be Working

Unless you are a race car driver or something, work is boring. This DIY project is slightly more fun than spinning around in your seat and does a good job of killing around 2 hours of time. And, when all is said and done, you will have the satisfaction that comes with building a USB Batman spotlight that is fairly… » 8/13/08 4:00pm 8/13/08 4:00pm

Spotlight LED In-Car Torch Finds Fluff Down the Side of the Car Seat

The Spotlight, a tiny little flashlight that charges via your car's cigarette lighter and allows you to find all the little bits of detritus and ting that manage to fall down the side of the car seat. It comes in a dozen different colors and was runner-up for Best New Interior Accessory prize at SEMA 2007. Price and… » 12/03/07 8:55am 12/03/07 8:55am

Google Desktop For Mac OS X First Impressions [verdict: solid, feels slower than Spotlight]

So word in the Valley is that Google and Apple are still going out, going dutch at Mel's Drive-In and doing naughty things at Apple dad's garage. Now Google wants to get the relationship one step further without putting pressure on Apple and has released Google Desktop for Mac OS X. » 4/04/07 8:10am 4/04/07 8:10am