High-Pressure Tooth Spray Cleans Teeth With Water, Not Bristles

Toothbrush-like contraptions that spray water into your teeth holes have been around for years, but Philips' new patent has several innovations that makes sure you don't blast your gums into submission. The spray head has probes that can detect how far away it is from your teeth, ensuring optimum distance. » 5/13/08 6:00pm 5/13/08 6:00pm

Nanotech Spray Protects Gadgets From Boy-Grease

While all the Giz guys are up in Vegas ooh-ing and aah-ing over gadgets to come in the 07, I'm thinking, how the fuck are they going to keep their boy-grease from smearing all over their new toys? But that's why we have things like this nanotech supercoat gadget spray, which gets rid of old dirt and protects your… » 1/10/07 8:32pm 1/10/07 8:32pm