Xbox 360 Spring Update Bringing 80 New Functions?

Our ground PONG-snorting buddies over at Kotaku have gotten their hands on a potentially legitimate list of new functions coming with the annual Xbox 360 Spring Update. In the list we see more confirmation of the Newton motion controller, as well as hints at a news/weather service, more hard drive game data caching… » 5/14/08 9:03am 5/14/08 9:03am

Zune 2.5 Update Brings TV Shows, More Social Networking, Improved…

The Zune 2.5 Spring update launches tomorrow, and with it comes purchasable TV shows and even more social networking functions. The big part is more tightly-integrated social stuff—like being able to see your friends' Zune cards inside of the Zune software instead of heading to your browser—the upside of which is… » 5/05/08 11:28pm 5/05/08 11:28pm

Xbox 360 Spring Update Fixes Washed Out VGA Display Problems

Remember all the problems people had with washed out colors on their Xbox 360 when using a VGA cable? Well, the Spring Update actually offers a fix to those problems, which came from different interpretations of black levels on HDTVs and PCs. Adjust the new settings in your display and you'll be set. » 5/10/07 6:15pm 5/10/07 6:15pm