Cyber-Rain XCI Waters Your Lawn When The Internet Commands It

I love green technology, especially when it doesn't involve me lifting so much as a finger. With the Cyber-Rain XCI, you can take control of your sprinkler system across eight zones and help conserve water and a little cash at the same time. Via a wireless connection with your PC, the Cyber-Rain can make adjustments… » 11/08/07 7:40pm 11/08/07 7:40pm

Scarecrow Sprinkler Scares Away the Critters

The thought of a random critter pillaging through my garden makes my blood boil, but now those son of a guns will pay. The Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is exactly that. This device hooks up to a hose and will start spraying bursts of water upon detection of motion, or an animal. No longer will giant barbwire… » 4/20/07 2:20pm 4/20/07 2:20pm

ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent: For Timid Beasts Only

Scare the bejeebers out of those pesky animals eating your plants or otherwise wreaking havoc in your yard with the ScareCrow Sprinkler Deterrent, basically a battery-operated sprinkler with a built-in motion detector. Hook it up to your garden hose and if it detects movement, it unleashes a burst of spray that might… » 8/02/06 2:33pm 8/02/06 2:33pm