HTC Hero Owners On Sprint Awarded With Android 2.1 "Eclair" Update

Sprint has gifted its HTC Hero owners the long-awaited Android 2.1 update, seven months after the first screenshots of a Hero running the faster, snazzier version showed up. » 5/19/10 10:10am 5/19/10 10:10am

Sprint Hero Review: Faster, Stronger, Uglier

Take the most daring Android phone yet, but make it faster, stronger and better (but blander). You have the Sprint take on the HTC Hero, which happens to be the best Android phone you can buy. » 9/17/09 12:01am 9/17/09 12:01am

Sprint-Compatible HTC Hero Clears the FCC

We've seen rumors that Sprint would be getting the Android-wielding HTC Hero, but now FCC documents have been released showing that a CDMA version (meaning Sprint-compatible) of the Hero has been approved for sale in the US. In other words, those rumors are looking pretty true at the moment. [FCC via Engadget] » 8/20/09 12:27pm 8/20/09 12:27pm